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Create an Eclipse ViewPart

JavaFX allows you to embed JavaFX scenes into SWT UIs using the FXCanvas class. The following tutorial will guide you through the creation of a JavaFX-enabled ViewPart.

  1. Setup a target platform
    1. Start Eclipse with no open projects
    2. On menu item "Window", select "Preferences" and then expand the list item "Plug-in Development"
    3. Click the list item "Plug-in Development" item "Target Platform"
    4. Click Add ...
    5. Select "Default: Default target for the running platform". Click the "Next" button.
    6. Enter a different name in the top text field
    7. Add ...
    8. Select Software Site
    9. Expand "FX Target" and check "RCP 3.x Target Platform Feature" and uncheck "Include required software"
    10. Finish
    11. In the list activate the new target by checking the checkbox in the list and click the Ok button.

  2. File > New > Project ...
    Efxclipse tut2 1.png
  3. Expand "Plug-in Development" and select "Plug-in Project" and click the "Next" button.
    Efxclipse tut2 2.png
  4. Enter a project name and click the "Next" button.
    Efxclipse tut2 3.png
  5. Make sure that "This plug-in will make contributions to the UI" is checked and deselect the RCP creation. Click "Next".
    Efxclipse tut2 4.png
  6. Select the "JavaFX Eclipse 3.x ViewPart" template and click "Next".
    Efxclipse tut2 5.png
  7. Keep the default settings and click "Finish".
    Efxclipse tut2 6.png
  8. The result of the wizard is a new OSGi bundle with your ViewPart class.
    Efxclipse tut2 7.png
  9. Implement your view by adding some JavaFX code to your ViewPart class.
    Efxclipse tut2 8.png
  10. Launch an "inner Eclipse" by bringing up the context menu on your project and select Run As > Eclipse Application.
    Efxclipse tut2 9.png
  11. Close the launched instance and open your the Launch Configuration and add -Dosgi.framework.extensions=org.eclipse.fx.osgi to your VM args and launch once more
  12. In the running application, bring up Quick Access (Ctrl+3) and enter "My Fx View". Select the presented choice to open your view.
    Efxclipse tut2 10.png
  13. A view with your JavaFX content will be shown at the bottom.
    Efxclipse tut2 11.png

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