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Eclipse Summit on Runtime Technologies and Platforms

Eclipse Runtime Summit

The Eclipse community will be holding its first summit on runtime technologies and platforms at the Hotel Monaco on December 11, 2007. The meeting will take place in the Vienna Ballroom.

Proposed goal of the Summit: Define a strategy how the Eclipse Foundation will deliver runtime technology.

The focus is NOT solving technical issues, however we will for sure also discuss technology.

The strategy should cover two topics:

Structure, organization and goals of runtime projects at Eclipse

  • What are the appropriate organizational structures to drive Runtime Technologies within the Foundation? Is a dedicated top level project needed, where the different runtime projects are bundled?
  • What is the set of runtime technologies the Eclipse Foundation aspires to cover mid term (2-3 years)? Which parts of this technology stack are covered today?
  • How will the Foundation ship runtime technologies? Will there be a separate release train?
  • Can we setup a common build / test infrastructure to avoid the integration problems we are seeing between different tooling projects. Integration problems are likely show stoppers in runtime business. It seems like a tighter integration between projects is necessary.

Fostering adoption and appealing to the community

  • How can the Foundation attract a user community within/outside the Foundation?
  • Do we need to establish another brand beside Eclipse (because Eclipse is a synonym for tools) - Equinox?
  • How can we match a "brand" with real estate (not like RCP - where there is no real place to go)
    • website
    • mailing list, newsgroup
  • How can we make adoption easy?
    • Are there problems for current adopters?
    • central website
    • easy downloads
  • End to end examples showcasing runtime technology may help(who is willing to participate / contribute)
    • Can we provide a large set of snippets?
  • Can we push the use of runtime technologies with tools (Intro, wizards)
  • What is our story about other (JVM based) languages
  • How can the Foundation attract more runtime projects? Should we reach out to attract runtime projects?

Tentative Agenda

0800 Continental breakfast

0830 Summit start

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of existing runtime technologies with selected short talks (5 minutes)
  • Adopter feedback (what is missing, what proved to be difficult)
  • Where are we heading with runtime technologies (which pieces will / should be coming)
  • Relationship between tooling and runtime technologies
  • Relationship to other communities (e.g., Spring, Apache, ...)
    • OSGi Enterprise working group - State and goals
  • What is the community? What do they want? How to grow the community?
    • Showcases / Tutorials
  • A new top level project - who may / will participate?
  • Discussion on draft charter for a runtime top level project
  • Delivery strategy
  • Wrap-up


We would like to reach out to adopters of Eclipse runtime technology, to Eclipse projects creating runtime technology and to projects that are providing tooling for Eclipse runtime technology. This summit is not a mini conference. Attendees should be prepared to present their points of view on the various themes and describe where they see themselves interacting, contributing and cooperating in Eclipse Runtime technologies. Space is limited so preference will be given to committers and people seriously adopting runtime technologies.

The Eclipse Foundation is kindly sponsoring the event so there is no fee for attending. Please register by adding your name below under "Who's Coming?".

Who's Coming?

Having problems adding yourself to the attendee list? Email

  • Ricco Deutscher, SOPERA
  • Jeff McAffer, IBM
  • Jochen Krause, Innoopract
  • Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
  • Chris Aniszczyk, IBM
  • Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  • Doug Clarke, Oracle Corporation
  • Philippe Ombredanne, nexB
  • Eric Newcommer, IONA + Chair of OSGi Enterprise Group
  • Ed Merks, IBM
  • Adam Lieber, webtide
  • Oliver Wolf, SOPERA
  • Scott Stark, Red Hat
  • Brett Wooldridge, AlterPoint Inc./
  • Oleg G., eBay
  • Jason van Zyl, Sonatype
  • Konstantin Komissarchik, BEA
  • Michael Cote', RedMonk
  • Scott Lewis, BEA


Ricco Deutscher, Jeff McAffer, Jochen Krause

Book a Hotel Room

Hotel Monaco San Francisco
501 Geary St., San Francisco

  • Block Booking deadline was Thursday, November 8
  • Rooms are available currently at a rate of $259/night

Book by phone to 1-866-622-5284 in North America and mention the Eclipse block to see if you can negotiate a lower rate, or be put on a wait list if we are able to expand our block. International numbers are at



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