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Eclipse Platform UI with TPTP

TPTP Profiler users

  • Boris Bokowski

Usage scenarios

Most general case:

  1. Measuring base line profiling data
  2. Change the code somewhere
  3. Run the profiler again
  4. Compare the resulting profile with the baseline profile

Required features:

  1. Fix snapshot.
  2. Application interface. API allows to manage profiling within target application.
  3. Call tree with invocation counts and execution time. It is already exists

in TPTP profiler, but we should to be sure that we have that there meant.

  1. Reverse call tree with called methods as the roots and callers as children
  2. Profile data comparison. Compare snapshots of different measurements with showing changes for certain figures.
  3. Binding profiling results with source code changes.
  4. Attaching comments to profiling results

Ideal profiler

Ideal profiler (haven't seen this anywhere) would offer a complete solution for my optimization task. That is, it would help me organize my "experiments" and "measurements" in a way that makes it easy to undo changes to the code if there was not much gain. It would also show me a history of the changes and the resulting gain in each step. Being able to name the steps, or attach comments to them, would be useful.

Opened Bugzillas

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