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Eclipse Monkey/Javascript Editor

The Eclipse Monkey component of the Dash Project has been archived [1]. Source is here: dash-archive.tar.gz.
This page is no longer actively maintained.

This page covers the org.eclipse.eclipsemonkey.lang.javascript.doms.editors.Editor class, which is what you get from this line:

var sourceEditor = editors.activeEditor;

This documentation was written for version ???



  • id: ?
  • lineDelimiter: the correct End of Line characters for the current file?
  • source: the current contents of the editor, as a Java String.
  • sourceLength: the length of the current contents of the editor.
  • selectionRange: the range of text that is currently selected in the editor. It contains two integers, startingOnset and endingOnset. These may be used to find the selected text within the source property. If nothing is selected Onset == startingOnset.
  • title: ?
  • textEditor: ?


  • currentOnset: ?


  • applyEdit(int onset, int deleteLength, String insertText): Used to insert and/or delete text. o nset is a position within the source property. deleteLength is the length of the existing text to remove; use 0 to not delete anything. insertText is text to insert onset; use "" to not insert anything.
  • beginCompoundChange(): ?
  • close(boolean save): close the current editor, saving its contents if save == true?
  • endCompoundChange(): ?
  • getLine onset(int onset): returns the number of the line that contains onset.
  • getOnsetAtLine(final int line): returns the onset of the first character in line line.
  • save(): saves the current contents of the editor?
  • selectAndReveal(final int onset, final int length): selects the text starting at onset and ending at (onset + length). Will scroll the text as needed to make the selection visible on screen. length may be 0 to force a line to be v

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