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Eclipse Introduction CN

Eclipse 可以用以下词汇来描述:Java IDE,IDE 框架,工具框架,应用框架,开源项目,社团,生态系,基金会。

A Java IDE

  • Widely regarded as the Java development environment
  • With all the bells and whistles…
    • Language-aware editors, views, …
    • Refactoring support
    • Integrated unit testing and debugging
    • Incremental compilation and build
    • Team development support
    • Out of the box support for CVS

An IDE Framework

  • Eclipse + JDT = Java IDE
    • First class framework for Java
    • Language aware editor
    • Incremental build
    • Integrated debugging
  • Eclipse + CDT = C/C++ IDE
    • First class framework for C/C++
    • Language aware editor
    • Refactoring, search
  • Eclipse + PHP = PHP IDE
  • Eclipse + JDT + CDT + PHP = Java, C/C++, PHP IDE

A Tools Framework

  • Extensibility through OSGi implementation
    • Plug-ins make Eclipse whatever you need it to be
  • Focus on developing a universal platform of frameworks and exemplary tools
  • Tools extend the Eclipse platform using plug-ins
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)
    • Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF)
    • Web Tools Project (WTP)
    • Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF)
    • Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)
    • Test and Performance Tooling Project (TPTP)

An Application Framework

  • Remove the IDE elements, Java language support, team development support, … and you’re left with a pretty comprehensive general application framework
    • Support for multiple platforms
      • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX, embedded
    • Rich widget set, graphics
    • Native-OS integration (drag and drop, OLE/XPCOM integration)
  • A platform for rich clients
  • Some examples of this later…

An Open Source Enabler

  • Ten (10) top level projects
    • The Eclipse Project
    • Tools
    • Web Tools Platform
    • Test & Performance Tools Platform
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
    • Eclipse Modeling Project
    • Data Tools Platform
    • Device Software Development Platform
    • SOA Tools Platform
    • Technology (Incubators)
  • Dozens of sub projects

A Community

An Eco-system

  • Eclipse is focused on nurturing the eco-system to complement, and enhance the Eclipse Platform
  • 137 members, including major Java, Linux and Embedded vendors
    • BEA, Borland, Computer Associates, IBM, Nokia, Intel, Wind River, Zend, …
  • Dozens of open source projects
  • 50 million download requests to date

A Foundation

  • The Eclipse Foundation
    • Was created to manage and direct the ongoing development of the Eclipse open source software project
    • Is responsible for providing IT infrastructure required by development teams
  • Independent not-for-profit Foundation formed in 2004

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