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Eclipse DemoCamps November 2010/Bay Area

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Date and Time

Thursday, November 18th, 6pm-9pm

Attend the Event

This is a FREE event. To attend, add your name to this Wiki at the bottom, or send an email to Or just show up! Everyone is welcome.


Replay Solutions, 2100 Seaport Blvd., Top Floor, Redwood City, CA, 94063



Eclipse logo.png Replay Solutions, Inc.


Jonathan Lindo, Replay Solutions
Pieter Humphrey, Oracle


If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please feel free to add your name and topic to the list.

  1. Greg Stachnick, Oracle, ADF Tooling in the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
  2. Jonathan Lindo, Replay Solutions, Replay Solution's Eclipse Integration
  3. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation, Eclipse Marketplace Client
  4. Ashwini Verma, Actuate, Interactive Reporting with Eclipse BIRT
  5. Moritz Eysholdt, itemis AG, Develop (Domain Specific) Languages with Xtext

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to jonathan.lindo at replaysolutions dot com.

  1. Jonathan Lindo, Replay Solutions
  2. Pieter Humphrey, Oracle
  3. Greg Stachnick, Oracle
  4. Kagan Turgut, Brane Corp
  5. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
  6. Ashwini Verma, Actuate Corp.
  7. Moritz Eysholdt, itemis AG
  8. Anna Chavez, Replay
  9. Steve Robenalt, Web Circuit
  10. Daniel Parrillo, Strategi LLC (host of LinkedIn Eclipse Group)
  11. Jeff Daudel, Replay Solutions
  12. Suman Cherukuri, Replay Solutions
  13. Grover Righter, Lever10
  14. Kamil Synek, Sonics Inc.
  15. Peter Ateshian, Naval Postgraduate School
  16. Vishnu Bhagat, Infosys Technologies.
  17. Satish Rotella, Risk Management Solutions Inc.
  18. Liz Lam, Perforce Software
  19. Thermond Adams, BankServ
  20. Amanda Hua, Paypal
  21. Durgaprasad Guduguntla, eBay Inc.
  22. Ashvin Radiya, AvantSoft/Eclipse University
  23. Joan Ika, PayPal
  24. Mike Karmindro, OpenTable, Inc
  25. Alexey Skorokhodov, Starview Technology.
  26. Dietmar Stoll, itemis AG
  27. Peter Mooshammer, self
  28. Pudur Ramaswamy, Paypal
  29. Dan Bourque, Cisco (Presented Time Travel at EclipseCon)
  30. Walter Nissen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  31. Kam Wang
  32. Austin Wu, McAfee Inc
  33. Gilles de Bordeaux, self
  34. Add your name here... (Click EDIT at the top of the page)

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