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Eclipse DemoCamps Juno 2012/Grenoble

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Given the success of Last Year Grenoble DemoCamp, we are please to organize a new one this year.


Banner xrce.jpg

Xerox Research Centre Europe
6 chemin de Maupertuis
38240 Meylan, France
Travel Information

Date and Time

13 June 2012, 14h - 18h


Hosting and Funding



  • Adrian Mos - Xerox Research
  • Mickael Istria - JBoss by Red Hat (



The day will feature informal demos, presentations and discussions about cool Eclipse projects, ranging from research prototypes to fully-featured open-source and commercial offerings.

Each presentation should be 15 minutes + 5 minutes of questions, doing the transition with next presentation. If you want to make something shorter, then we'll plan quickies (5 minutes). This tentative agenda is subject to change depending on the proposed talks.

  • 14h - 14h15: Welcome, by Adrian Mos
  • 14h20 - 14h35: What's hot in Juno? , by Aurelien Pupier + ? What is new in the Juno release (slides)
  • 14h40 - 14h55: What does E4 change for Eclipse developers? , by Mickael Istria (slides)
  • 15h - 15h15: ...
  • 15h20 - 15h40: Quickies (5 minutes each, no QA, discussions during break)
    • GEF SVG export in JWT, a newcomer’s rocky ride to Eclipse , by Yoann Rodière (slides) SVG export was a long standing open bug in JWT. There was a good reason, here are a few lessons learned about doing things the Eclipse way.
    • From scratch to a maintainable & automated build in 5 minutes with Tycho, by Mickael Istria Tycho is a revolution in the build, continuous integration, continuous improvement world. Getting started is just a matter of minutes
    • ...
    • Static analysis in your IDE, by Mickael Istria. Some plugins have an incredible effect on developer efficiency and quality, I'll list my top #3
  • 15h40 - 16h30: Break
  • 15h45 - 16h: What's new in GMF?, by Aurelien Pupier (slides)
  • 16h05 - 16h20: GMF / XText Hybrid Modelling, by Thierry Jacquin
  • 16h25 - 16h40: From Eclipse to Document management: a case study for JWT & EasySOA. by Marc Dutoo (slides) (report)
  • 16h45 - 17h: Kermeta V2 - Breathe life into your metamodels + other prototypes in the Model-Driven Engineering field developed at the INRIA Triskell team. by Juan Cadavid
  • 17h05 - 17h30: Quickies (5 minutes each)
    • DAWN, a data analysis workbench, Pogo, an Xtext-based code generator, by Andy Gotz
    • News from JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, by Mickael Istria
    • ...
    • ...
    • Closing, by Adrian Mos
  • 17h30 - 18h: Unconference around a coffee
  • 19h - ... Unconference in a bar of the center of Grenoble (announced during the DemoCamp)

Proposed talks

Submission and deadline

You can submit simply by adding a paragraph there (please respect follow title conventions so we can easy use the page outline). We are looking for talks that shows:

  • Cool stuff in Eclipse (Eclipse insight)
  • Cool stuff with Eclipse (how you use Eclipse)
  • Cool stuff for Eclipse (what plugins you develop)

All technologies/projects/organizations/... are good for a presentation, while it relates to Eclipse.

What's hot in Juno?
  • By: Aurelien Pupier
  • Abstract: A new release is made of new things! This will be an hopefully exhaustive lists of the new projects and main achievements that were part of Juno release.


What does E4 change for Eclipse developer
  • By:Mickael Istria
  • Abstract: E4 introduces new paradigms in Eclipse development (Dependency injection, modeled workbench, services...). In this presentation, you'll learn quickly what this new stuff provide and how to leverage it. You'll also see how it does (not) have impoact on what you already did, how to perform transition of your code from e3 to e4 without pain, and how to adopt these new efficient paradigms.
What's new GMF?
  • By: Aurélien Pupier
  • Abstract:

After this talk, you will know what's hot about the GMF project!


From Eclipse to Document management : a case study for JWT & EasySOA
  • By: Marc Dutoo & Yoann Rodière
  • Abstract: Why ? Managing your SOA documents e.g. JWT workflows. How ? Issues, concepts and technologies. What is it like ? Here comes demo time !.
(quickie) GEF SVG export in JWT, a newcomer’s rocky ride to Eclipse
  • By: Yoann Rodière
  • Abstract: SVG export was a long standing open bug in JWT. There was a good reason, here are a few lessons learned about doing things the Eclipse way.

Kermeta V2 - Breathe life into your metamodels + other prototypes in the Model-Driven Engineering field developed at the INRIA Triskell team
  • By: Juan Cadavid
  • Abstract: Kermeta workbench is a powerful metaprogramming environment based on an object-oriented DSL (Domain Specific Language) optimized for metamodel engineering. Kermeta features a comprehensive environment for MetaModel Engineering activities running in Eclipse, including:
    • specification of abstract syntax, static semantics (OCL) and dynamic semantics with connection to the concrete syntax
    • model and meta-model prototyping and simulation
    • model transformation
    • aspect weaving.
(quickie) DAWN, a data analysis workbench, Pogo, an Xtext-based code generator
  • By: Andy Gotz
  • Abstract: This quickie show two products developed by the ESRF (in collaboration with DLS+EMBL) based on Eclipse. DAWN is a workbench for doing scientific data visualisation and analysis. Pogo is a code generator based on Xtext2 used for developing device servers in C++, Python and/or Java.

Who Is Attending

Please add your name to this list if you attend the DemoCamp, or you could also use EventBrite ticketing system:

  1. Adrian Mos, Xerox Research
  2. Mickael Istria, JBoss by Red Hat
  3. Aurelien Pupier, BonitaSoft
  4. Christelle Burguera, STMicroelectronics
  5. Jerome Correnoz, STMicroelectronics
  6. Miguel Santana, STMicroelectronics
  7. Marc Dutoo (& others ?), Open Wide
  8. Yoann Rodière, Open Wide
  9. Juan Cadavid, INRIA
  10. Thierry Jacquin, Xerox Research
  11. Jean-Pierre Chanod, Xerox Research
  12. Alain Boulze, EasiFab
  13. Mike Bright, HP
  14. Sebastien Revol, STMicroelectronics
  15. Vincent Zurczak, Linagora
  16. Andy Gotz, ESRF
  17. Romain Bioteau, BonitaSoft
  18. Nicolas Guérin, Xerox
  19. Jonathon Pommier, ESRF
  20. Jean-Michel Chaize, ESRF
  21. Priscille Durville, Xerox
  22. Partha Pakray, Xerox Research
  23. Hervé Poirier, Xerox Research
  24. Philippe Creignou, Xerox Research
  25. James Douglass Lefruit, Xerox
  26. Yvan Lawriw, EasiFab
  27. ...


Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble is a Green event. If you plan to use your car to go to this DemoCamp, and have some seats to share, please add you to this list:

Driver Departure from Seats
Mickael Istria ( Grenoble Centre
  1. Aurelien Pupier
  2. Romain Bioteau
  3. Vincent Zurczak
  4. Juan Cadavid
Christelle Burguera ( Grenoble Polygone
  1. free
  2. free
  3. free
Miguel Santana ( Crolles
  1. free
  2. free
  3. free

After the conference


Some pictures of the DemoCamp are available here:


If you attended the DemoCamp, then you feedback has a really high value for the organizers in order to make this event better and better. Please give your feedback using this poll:

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Follow @EclipseGre for more news about Eclipse-related news in Grenoble and its area.

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