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Eclipse DemoCamps Helios 2010/Darmstadt

Location and Date

Deutsche Telekom AG
Products & Innovation
T-Online-Allee 1
64295 Darmstadt

Wednesday, July 14th 2010, 17:00 - 20:30

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Note: If you have been registered, there will be a free parking available for you. Follow the visitors path, tell your name and use visitor parking areas.

The demo camp will be located in the Forum, which is directly at main entrance to the building and registration desk.

There will be a Happy Hour after the event. It will take place in or around the same building. No registration is required. Just stay for food, drinks and fun.

This Demo Camp will be sponsored by Developer Garden, the developer portal of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Hint: how to register

You can add yourself to the list of presenters, attendees by modifying the corresponding section of this page. For that you need an Eclipse Bugzilla Account.

The easiest way to get such an account is to click on the "log in" link in the upper right corner of the DemoCamp Wiki page and follow the instructions to create a new Bugzilla account. Or go directly to [1]. Once you have your account (e-mail address + password), you can log in (again: upper right corner). Returning to the Demo Camp page, you will find [edit] links for each section (to the right of the section header) which allow you to add yourself to the respective list.

For Telekom employees: You can send an email to Jochen Hiller or Carolina Klatt to register.


Jochen Hiller, DeveloperGarden (Deutsche Telekom AG)
Marcel Bruch, Software Technology Group, TU Darmstadt


The final agenda is now defined. We hope you will enjoy it.

The default presentation language will be German. You are welcome to present in English, but expect to hear other talks in German.

  1. 17:00 - 17:10 Welcome: Thomas Mörsdorf, Vice President Enabling Services & Platforms, Deutsche Telekom AG, Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation
  2. 17:10 - 17:25 Lars Vogel Developing with e4
  3. 17:25 - 17:40 A regular day as an Eclipse Committer, Benjamin Muskalla Holger Staudacher
  4. 17:45 - 18:00 Manuel Bork, Eclipse modeling and programming with UML Lab
  5. 18:00 - 18:15 Building Eclipse Applications with Maven Tycho, Karsten Thoms, itemis AG
  6. 18:20 - 18:35 IDE 2.0: Why Google Codesearch doesn't help, Stacktraces don't help (enough), and how code completion should work... Marcel Bruch
  7. 18:40 - 19:10 Break
  8. 19:10 - 19:25 Control Your Home with OSGi, Kai Kreuzer
  9. 19:25 - 19:40 The ZoRa Photo Director: Lessons learnt from implementing a mid-size RCP application, Berthold Daum
  10. 19:45 - 20:00 Eclipse EGit, Stefan Lay, SAP AG
  11. 20:00 - 20:15 Janos Koppany: How to improve geographically distributed software development processes using Mercurial or Git, Intland Software GmbH [2]
  12. 20:15 - 20:30 Eclipse Bespin - The Future of Editing, Lothar Wieske

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to jo [dot] hiller [AT] googlemail [dot] com.

  1. Jochen Hiller, DeveloperGarden (Deutsche Telekom AG)
  2. Lars Vogel
  3. Udo Hafermann, Software AG
  4. Gerd Aschemann
  5. Matthias Schur, SAP Research
  6. Nikolay Georgiev
  7. Nikolai Raitsev
  8. Johannes Lerch, TUD Computer Science Student
  9. Benjamin Muskalla, EclipseSource
  10. Holger Staudacher, EclipseSource
  11. Erik Vonderheid, PROSTEP AG
  12. Boyan Yurukov, Software AG
  13. David Law, ap consult GmbH
  14. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions
  15. Karsten Thoms, itemis AG
  16. Christian Schidler, (Deutsche Telekom AG)
  17. Winfried Breuer, (Deutsche Telekom AG)
  18. Leif Frenzel, andrena objects ag
  19. Stefan Schürle, andrena objects ag
  20. Volker Kauder, (Deutsche Telekom AG)
  21. Kai Kreuzer, Odyssey Financial Technologies
  22. Marcel Bruch, Software Technology Group
  23. Heiko Müller, SAP Research
  24. Steffen Heinzl, SAP Research
  25. Rainer Thome, SAP Research
  26. Benjamin Schmeling, SAP Research
  27. Stefan Lay, SAP AG
  28. Marc Logemann, LOGENTIS GmbH
  29. Dirk Schnelle-Walka
  30. Petko Guglev, Software AG
  31. Niko Köbler, OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH
  32. Heiko Spindler, OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH
  33. Karsten Schmidt, SAP AG
  34. Michael Eichberg, Technische Universität Darmstadt
  35. Daniel Dönigus, PROSTEP AG
  36. Jörn Hameister, PROSTEP AG
  37. Erik Meißner, PROSTEP AG
  38. Jürgen Kilian, ACIPS Ltd.
  39. Dr. Vladimir Rubin, msg systems AG
  40. Lothar Wieske, DB Systel GmbH
  41. Sebastian Rose, msg systems AG
  42. Johannes Leebmann
  43. Sebastian Proksch, TUD Student
  44. Dennis Sänger, TUD Student
  45. Michael Mühlberg, SAP AG
  46. Bernd Kolb, SAP AG
  47. Max Bruchmann, TU Darmstadt Student
  48. Andreas Richter, TU Darmstadt Student
  49. Ivan Galkin, TU Darmstadt Student
  50. Joachim Schick, Deutsche Telekom AG
  51. Martin Alexander Ried, TU Darmstadt Student
  52. Jörg Daubert, TU Darmstadt Student
  53. Christoph Schulze, UMD Student
  54. Martin Skorsky, Software AG
  55. Marc Werner, bitminers
  56. Jan Joeppen, CSC
  57. Janos Koppany, Intland Software GmbH [3], [4]
  58. Michael Lukas, Intland Software GmbH [5], [6]
  59. Robert Langenberg, TU Darmstadt Student
  60. Karsten W. Rohrbach, wibas Management Consultants
  61. Simon Kaufmann, SAP AG
  62. Gregor Wicklein, TU Darmstadt Student
  63. Martin Weigel, TU Darmstadt Student
  64. Andre Wisplinghoff, TU Darmstadt Student
  65. Berthold Daum, bdaum industriekommunikation
  66. Dennis Siebert, TU Darmstadt Student
  67. Nico Haase, Student an der TU Darmstadt
  68. Jörn Eichler, Fraunhofer SIT
  69. Aley Zaidi
  70. Johannes Jacop, Yatta Solutions
  71. Alexander Oros, DFS
  72. Peter Berthold, DFS
  73. Sebastian Lang, DFS
  74. Oliver Glier, DFS
  75. Sven Nitzsche, DFS
  76. Sebastian Ahlfeld, TU Darmstadt Student
  77. Nicolas Wombacher, TU Darmstadt Student
  78. Roman Getto, TU Darmstadt Student
  79. Attila Bak, Architect (Fornax Committer)
  80. Markus Barchfeld
  81. Daniel Pehnec, h_da Student
  82. Andreas Voss
  83. Christoph Dann,TU Darmstadt Student
  84. Jan Hendrik Burdinski, TU Darmstadt Student
  85. Wei Wei, SAP Research
  86. Oliver Kuhn, SUBITO AG
  87. Ralf Hammen, InteRes
  88. Zsolt Koppany, [7]
  89. Andreas Teuber, TU Darmstadt Student
  90. Johanna Reichenbach, EclipseSource
  91. Susan Iwai, EclipseSource
  92. Enrico Schnepel, BitCtrl Systems
  93. Erik Brangs, student at TU Darmstadt
  94. Julius Rückert, student at TU Darmstadt
  95. Daniel Staesche, student at TU Darmstadt
  96. Benjamin Brunner, OPITZ CONSULTING
  97. Mojisola Anjorin, PhD student at TU Darmstadt
  98. Manuela Duft, Unternehmenskommunikation compeople AG Frankfurt
  99. Christian Schneider
  100. Walery Strauch
  101. Roman Mertyn, student at TU Darmstadt
  102. Alexander Pass, student at TU Darmstadt
  103. Katrin Kowalski, Student an der TU Darmstadt
  104. Julia Weingart, Student an der TU Darmstadt
  105. Liebgard Becker, BSSM Becker Software System Management GmbH
  106. Karl Martin Kern, Seitenbau GmbH
  107. Oliver Eisenbarth, Student TU Darmstadt
  108. Jochen Schramm
  109. René Hergert
  110. Florian Fleischer
  111. Thomas Hill
  112. Achim Weber
  113. Daniela Blank, Weiglewilczek
  114. Michael Gehlhar, SUBITO AG
  115. Haralambie Dumistracel, mtG AG
  116. Christian Leiner
  117. Christoph Schauermann, Software AG
  118. Brian Pfretzschner, TU Darmstadt Student
  119. Dominik Schulz, TU Darmstadt Student
  120. Michael Gaber, TU Darmstadt Student
  121. Stephan Heuser, Fraunhofer SIT
  122. Dennis Klein, GSI Darmstadt
  123. Natalie Faber, Student an der TU Darmstadt
  124. Uwe Kettner

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