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Eclipse DemoCamps Galileo 2009/Iasi

Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

End of Game

The show is over and it was more than a big success. Thanks everybody that attended the event and helped this come true. Photos taken from the event are available at Flickr


Indiana Hotel Iasi, Tg. Cucu, Str Basota nr.2

Date and Time

Friday, June 26th 2009, 19:00-21:30


Jorj-Cezar Munteanu, Embarcadero Technologies


If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please feel free to add your name and topic to the list. Depending on the number of people interested we may have to limit the number of presenters and time of each demo.

  1. Ioana Alecsandrescu, Embarcadero Technologies, "Rapid SQL Developer: SQL and cross-language debugging"
  2. Alexandru Stan, Embarcadero Technologies, "DB Optimizer: Eclipse-based database optimization"
  3. Dan Petru Iurascu, Embarcadero Technologies, "JBuilder 2008 R2: Application Factories"
  4. Razvan Fodor and Sergiu Vidrascu, Embarcadero Technologies, "Change Manager: data movement with masking and cross-platform Schema Comparison"

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. We'd like to see as many people show up as possible.

  1. Marius Papara, Embarcadero Technologies
  2. Paul Andrei Spitelnicu, Embarcadero Technologies
  3. Catalina Ciornei, Embarcadero Technologies
  4. Dan Petru Iurascu, Embarcadero Technologies
  5. Ovidiu Vasile Ion, Embarcadero Technologies
  6. Alexandru Tica, FITS
  7. George Verciuc, FITS
  8. Marius Cristea, Endava
  9. Iulian Dogariu, [1]
  10. Dan Gafiteanu Embarcadero Technologies
  11. Marius Ropotica, The Red Point
  12. Marius Vatra The Red Point
  13. Martha Mitran DiTech
  14. Ovidiu Cernautan Synygy
  15. Alexandru Stan, Embarcadero Technologies
  16. Costel Breaur, DiTech
  17. Raluca Macovei, Gemini Solutions
  18. Cornelia Mahulea,
  19. Ioana Alecsandrescu, Embarcadero Technologies
  20. Bogdan Haralamb, DiTech
  21. Gabriel Chirvasie, Embarcadero Technologies
  22. Eliza Nicoleta Miron, Embarcadero Technologies
  23. Mihaela Fodor, Synygy
  24. Razvan Fodor, Embarcadero Technologies
  25. Sergiu Vidrascu, Embarcadero Technologies
  26. Cristina Diaconu, Embarcadero Technologies
  27. Gabriel Dogaru, Synygy
  28. Andrei Postolache, Endava
  29. Iavi Rotberg, MIND CTI
  30. Marius Ghiga, Embarcadero Technologies
  31. Catalin Petrisor
  32. Claudiu Barbieru, Endava
  33. Iulian Antonovici, Endava
  34. Cezar Coca, Endava
  35. Dana Paval, Embarcadero Technologies
  36. Cosmin Dram, Embarcadero Technologies
  37. Ancuta Morarasu, Embarcadero Technologies
  38. Florin Zalum, Pentalog Inet
  39. Radu Deliu, The Red Point
  40. Adrian Teletin, The Red Point

40 atteendees maximum!

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