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Eclipse DemoCamps 2018/Eindhoven


What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Altran Office Eindhoven

Limburglaan 24
5652 AA Eindhoven


Date and Time

Wednesday, 2018-07-04

17 – 21 hrs


This DemoCamp will be sponsored by Altran.



Niko Stotz, Altran

Please contact Niko Stotz if you would like to present at this event. We plan 15 – 20 minutes per demo.


The language of presentation will be English.

Time Topic Presenter Description
17:00  Welcome
with beverages & light dinner
Niko Stotz, Altran
18:00 Reception Marc Vloemans, Eclipse Foundation
  Approaching Light Speed - News from the Eclipse Photon Platform Karsten Thoms, itemis

The Eclipse Photon simultaneous release comes this year with a plethora of new features and improvements that will continue the Eclipse IDE keeping the #1 flexible, scalable and most performing IDE!

This session will give a guided tour through the new features and changes in Eclipse Photon. Due to the vast amount of noteworthy stuff the focus of this talk is on the Eclipse Platform Project, covering JDT only roughly. You will see usability improvements, useful new API for platform developers and neat features for users. Besides visible changes, the platform project team has paid special attention on stability, performance and resource consumption tuning. In this talk, I will give some insights how the team has worked on that.

Come and see the incredible achievements the platform team and its growing number of contributors made to bring you the best Eclipse IDE ever!

  Altran's experience developing MDE applications with Eclipse technology Marc Hamilton, Altran

Altran Netherlands develops Eclipse-based model-driven applications for its customers for several years.
In this talk, we share our experience with different modeling technologies like Acceleo, OCL, QVTo, EGF, Sirius, Xtext, and others.

19:15 Break
with beverages & snacks
19:30 What's new in Sirius 6 Mélanie Bats, Obeo

Major Changes in Sirius 6:

  • Sirius now supports an optional integration with ELK for improved diagram layouts: specifiers can configure which ELK algorithm and parameters should be used for each of their diagrams, directly inside the VSM (ticket #509070). This is still considered experimental in 6.0.

  • A new generic edge creation tool is now available on all Sirius diagrams. With it, end users no longer have to select a specific edge creation tool in the palette, but only to choose the source and target elements (ticket #528002).

  • Improved compatibility with Xtext with an important bug fix (ticket #513407). This is a first step towards a better integration with Xtext, more fixes and improvements will come during the year.

  • It is now possible for specifiers to configure the background color of each diagram. Like everything else in Sirius, the color can be dynamic and reflect the current state of the model. (ticket #525533).

  • When developing a new modeler, it is now possible to reload the modeler’s definition (.odesign) from an Eclipse runtime if the definition has changed in the host that launched the runtime. This is similar to “hot code replace” in Java, but for VSMs, and avoids stopping/restarting a new runtime on each VSM change (ticket #522407).

  • In the VSM editor, when editing an interpreted expression which uses custom Java services, it is now possible to navigate directly to a service’s source code using F3 (ticket #471900).

A more visual overview can be found in the Obeo blog.

  What's new in Xtext 2.14 Holger Schill, itemis

Major Changes in Xtext 2.14:

  • Java 9 and 10 Support
  • JUnit 5 Support
  • New Grammar Annotations
  • Create Action Quickfix
  • Code Mining Support
  • New Project and File Wizard
  • Improved Language Server Support
  • Performance Improvements

Please check the Release Notes for details.

20:30 Get Together
with beverages & snacks

Who Is Attending

Please use our registration form.

Please contact Niko Stotz if you have any questions.

For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Eclipse DemoCamp in Eindhoven, please use the tag "#democampehv" in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the event!

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