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Eclipse DemoCamps 2008 - Ganymede Edition/Portland/Demo Descriptions

Descriptions of the Demos for the Ganymede Edition of the Portland DemoCamp

Instantiations CodePro AnalytiX

A brief introduction into Instantiations’ flagship product, CodePro AnalytiX. With emphasis on how tightly integrated Eclipse plug-ins can help developers increase the quality of their code, maximize productivity, and streamline development processes, Rob will showcase some of the features in CodePro while talking to a broader topic of quality development strategies.

Instantiations WindowBuilder Pro

A quick, real world demonstration of the industry’s leading tool for building Java GUIs in Eclipse-based IDEs. Rob will spend a few minutes showing just how easy it is to create professional looking GUIs, even with no GUI development experience, as well as a brief overview of some of the more powerful features available in WindowBuilder Pro.

TPTP Profiler Enhancements

Media:DemoCampTPTP0806.pdf -- Presentation File

A quick overview and demo of some of the enhancements made to the Eclipse TPTP profiler for Ganymede. We will give a really quick project overview, describe the key areas where bugfixes and usability improvements have happened. We will demonstrate (a) attaching to a running Java and (b) Multithreaded lock contention visualization updates.

dynaTrace Diagnostics

A demonstration of dynaTrace Diagnostics GUI, an example of using Eclipse as the basis for a rich client GUI. This demonstration will also show how to use dynaTrace Diagnostics to identify and resolve performance problems in distributed Java applications across the entire application lifecycle, including integration with Eclipse IDE.

Java-based web-apps with Eclipse RAP

The Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) is an Eclipse project for building Ajax-enabled web applications written in Java and based on plug-ins and the Eclipse development model. This allows developers to reuse their existing RCP and Java know-how for building such applications (demos). RAP achieves this by providing a web-enabled implementation of SWT, JFace and the Workbench. The demo will provide the basic knowledge for getting started with RAP development and highlight some of the new features in the upcoming RAP 1.1 Release.

Little Known Secrets of the Eclipse Help System

Eclipse contains several wizards and editors which make it easy to create help content, context help and cheat sheets - these will be demonstrated. There will also be descriptions of how to update help content after a product has shipped, how to search for almost anything and how to improve your infocenter security.

Rational Team Concert and Jazz

How we use Rational Team Concert (built on Jazz) for development.

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