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Eclipse DemoCamp Neon 2016/Braunschweig



The ticket registration is open:


Lindentwete 1
38100 Braunschweig
Tel. 0531/24330-0
Fax 0531/24330-99

Date and Time

31th May - 6pm | 18:00 Uhr


Jonathan Beddig, BREDEX GmbH


Logo Bredex.jpgBREDEX GmbH

Zuehlke Logo rgb 100 2.png Zühlke Engineering


18:00 - Meet & Greet at Bredex, Lindentwete 1, 38100 Braunschweig
18:30 - Alexandra Schladebeck / Jubula
18:55 - Stevan Le Meur / the Next-Gen Eclipse IDE
19:20 - Volker Hotzan & Niels Würzbach / e(fx)clipse and JavaFX
19:50 - Break
20:15 - Stefan Reichert / Equinox Declarative Services
20:40 - Alexander Nyßen / GEF4 Dot Oh Dot Oh
21:05 - Networking & Good bye


- Simon Scholz from Vogella will be talking about the Eclipse Platform
Abstract: "What are the new Eclipse Platform features in Eclipse Neon"
The Eclipse Platform can be considered as basement for all Eclipse RCP applications, including the IDE itself, therefore it's good to know, which new features are provided by this platform. This talk will be a mixture about upcoming IDE features, which come from the platform, and new great API for plugin developers.

- Alexander Nyßen from itemis will present GEF4
The Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) project will officially release its next generation API, GEF4, as part of its 4.0.0 (Neon) release. Based on JavaFX, it has been written mostly from scratch and is much more modular and flexible. Alexander will give a demo tour that covers the most notable features of the new framework.

- Alexandra Schladebeck from Bredex will do a Jubula demonstration
Abstract: Alex will show how to write Jubula tests for JavaFX using both test-writing approaches available in Jubula: the non-programmatic method to write tests using drag& drop, and with the Client API to write tests in Java.

- Volker Hotzan & Niels Würzbach will talk about RCP
Abstract: "RCP with a difference - alternative UI concepts for enterprise applications with e4, e(fx)clipse and JavaFX"
Demonstration of an application developed using the e4 platform with e(fx)clipse and JavaFX with e4-independent interactions for general navigation.

- Stevan Le Meur from Codenvy will talk about Cloud IDE's
Abstract: "Create Cloud IDEs with Eclipse Che: the Next-Gen Eclipse IDE"
With Eclipse Che, the source code, the workspace configuration and the environments definition are all keep in sync, it allows fast bootstrapping of developers. Eclipse Che can run locally or in the cloud which allow to scale the resources on-demand and benefit from high performances and resources. In this session, we will explain how to setup a workspace cloud in Eclipse Che, how to create the environments using Docker, configure the tools that you need and register a set of commands to be executed in that workspace. We will show you how you can benefits from the workspace portability to easily share it onto another Che or to the cloud. We will also demo the advanced features of Eclipse Che and how you can use it to build custom cloud IDEs with your own plugins.

- Stefan Reichert will talk about Transaction support for Equinox Declarative Services
Abstract: "Equinox DS meets Equinox Aspects - a lightweight approach for transactional support of Declarative Services."

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