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Eclipse Day Open Forum 2013

The Open Forum 2013 - 16/17 May 2013

The Open Forum Stuttgart combines technologies for modern networks with new approaches in collaboration and work organisation. The conference consists of the "A2A. Apps for Automotive" and the "Software Kompetenz für die Zukunft", which includes the former "Eclipse Embedded Day".

Bridges over Barriers

Networks and Connections are essential methods to address the growing complexity of systems. New cooperations create new kinds of products. These radical market changes create opportunities. Connected business models also imply new ways of thinking that does not stop at company or business unit boundaries. Open platforms are gaining importance in the automotive domain, too.

The conference includes a number of Eclipse-related talks, focussing more on business models, cooperation and organizational change:

  • Franca - Defining interfaces for GENIVI
  • The Eclipse Automotive Industry Working Group
  • Experiences from the ReqIF Implementor's Forum
  • Agility between OEM and Tier-1: Standards and Platforms.


Dave Gray, author and entrepreneur, will introduce his concept of the "connected company". This strategic approach helps companies to evolve in a dynamic and disruptive environment.


The main language of the conference will be English. Registration is open at:

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