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Eclipse Day Bangalore 2014/Speakers

Daniel Megert

Dani is one of the initial Eclipse committers. Currently he leads the Platform and the JDT projects. He is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC and represents the Eclipse project in the Planning Council. Dani worked at OTI and now works at IBM Research GmbH. His interests include user interface and API design, editors, software quality and performance.

Pradeep Balachandran

Pradeep leads the IBM India Eclipse team. LinkedIn Profile

Srikanth Sankaran

Srikanth Sankaran is a Lead/Architect at IBM and for the past 5 years has worked on various components of JDT/Core, most notably on the Java compiler,code assist, Java model and DOM/AST projects. Srikanth has 20+ years of experience mostly in R&D organizations producing Compilers & Language tools with contributions in the areas of C/C++ compilers, debuggers, profilers, class browsers, IDEs, memory analysis tools, static analysis tools and the like.

Vikas Chandra

Software Engineer with more than a decade of experience in system software design, development and architecture involving tools for UML based modeling and design , web development, CAD development and translation.

Nithya Rajagopalan

Nithya Rajagopalan is the Technical Lead for the development and test of an Eclipse based product in IBM.

Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran

Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran is the component lead for Eclipse JDT/Core and been a JDT/Core committer for over 5 years and is a significant contributor to Eclipse's Java 8 effort.

Lakshmi P Shanmugam

Lakshmi P Shanmugam works for IBM. She is currently the co-lead of Eclipse Platform SWT and has been a committer on the project for more than 5 years. She primarily works on the Mac Cocoa port and enjoys working on the Mac. She has also briefly contributed to the Orion project.

Arun Thondapu

Arun Thondapu works for IBM. He is currently the co-lead for the Eclipse Platform SWT component and has been contributing mainly to the GTK+ based Linux/UNIX ports of SWT for the last 4 years. He is also a committer on the Equinox Framework component primarily responsible for building the Eclipse launchers. Prior to joining IBM, he was a member of the Solaris team at Sun Microsystems.

Niraj Modi

Niraj Modi is a committer for Eclipse Platform SWT project.

Noopur Gupta

Noopur Gupta is a software developer at IBM Bangalore Labs and is a committer on the Eclipse JDT/UI project. She obtained her B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering from DSCE, Bangalore in 2010 and has worked with SAP Labs India in the past on providing an Eclipse based design time modeling tool for mappings in ESR contributing to Process Integration layer of SAP NetWeaver.

Shikha Aggarwal

Software developer in the IBM. Working on Eclipse based product.

Vishal Charegaonkar

Vishal Charegaonkar is working with WebSphere Application Server Development Team at IBM Software Group. His current role is an Architect for WAS Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) and WAS Serviceability framework. He is actively involved in development of WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile. Prior to current role, Vishal worked on various customer engagements, focusing on performance, scalability and High Availability of enterprise applications. He is IBM Certified IT Specialist.

Aditya Vikram

Aditya Vikram, an experienced Eclipse Plugin developer with extensive expertise in EMF, GEF and related technologies.

Ankur Sharma

ex-Commiter and co-lead to Eclipse PDE

Annamalai C

An Eclipse Evangelist and Open Source Committer consulting since 2007 on Eclipse in the Indian Sub Continent. Trained more than 3000 associates in various organisations on eclipse based technologies. Been associated with various Eclipse Events around India including Demo Camps, Developer Camps, Developer Summits. Invited author and speaker in various Eclipse Conferences and Magazines.

Prabhat K

Prabhat K currently works with Robert Bosch as Senior Software Engineer at Koramangala, Bangalore. I have been working in the Engineering Methods and Tools department which deals with Open Src Eclipse based tools for Embedded development for the past 3 years. Earlier he was with TCS working in their RnD department for Enterprise tooling at Chennai for 2 years. He is an avid reader, badminton player, writer, coder and an occasional traveler.

Kulandaivelu S and Rajkumar K

Kulandaivelu S and Rajkumar K have been working in Robert Bosch, Coimbatore since 2010. we have 5+ years of experience in eclipse plug-in development and several eclipse topics(EMF, GMF, shpinx, Xviewer and NatTable)

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