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Eclipse 4diac Wiki/Development/4diac Releng

Short checklist for 4diac releases:

  1. if minor/major release update version information
    • Update main version info (Manifest, pom):
      • org.eclipse.fordiac.ide
      • org.eclipse.fordiac.product
      • org.eclipse.master
    • For minor releases
      • update any plugins to new version numbers if needed
      • update according features
  2. prepare branding
    • Update splash screen
    • For major release change p2.inf from milestone update site to latest release update site:,name:Eclipse 4diac Latest Release
  3. update whats new section
  4. Prepare git repositories
    • For Major and bug fix releases merge release branch to master
    • Tag commit with release (e.g., 1.9.0.M1, 1.10.1)
      • Push tag to gerrit: git push origin 1.11.0 HEAD:refs/heads/1.11.x
  5. Build 4diac-ide
    • Trigger build in 4diac JIPP instance. job 4diac IDE release
  6. Assemble FORTE
    • clone anonymous git :
    • change to release branch
    • zip forte and name it
    • Put it onto eclipse download site
      • scp -pr forte
      • Update release specific update sites
  7. Update download page
  8. Move files from previouse release to
  9. Prepare news for:
    • 4diac web page, mirror on sourceforge
  10. Announce it on
    • LinkedIn
    • Xing
    • Google+
    • Researchgate
    • Freshcode
    • iot mailing list
    • 4diac dev mailing list
    • Twitter

Start the Feature Freeze Phase

  1. Create dedicated branches for the maintenance of the release (e.g., 1.15.x)
    • push them to git with: git push origin HEAD:1.15.x
  2. Create CI jobs both for the 4diac-IDE and FORTE. Each component needs 2 jobs, one triggered at each commit, and the other for the nightly build. The procedure is similar so only the 4diac-IDE will be shown as an example.
    • Go to Jenkins
    • On the left menu, click on New Item, and then select the option "Copy from" and type the name of the previous version (for example "4diac IDE 1.10.x", and "4diac IDE 1.11.x Gerrit")
    • On the new job, you need to change the last version to the current one (for example 1.10.x to 1.11.x) in the following places:
      • General -> Description
      • Source-Code-Management -> Branches to build
    • And for the gerrit one, also the following:
      • General -> This Build is parametrized -> Text-Parameter -> Default Value (Vorgabewert)
      • Gerrit Trigger -> Dynamic Trigger Configuration -> Branches -> Pattern

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