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More Information

New and noteworthy

  • Migrate from openSCADA to Eclipse SCADA
  • Add modbus exporter functionality –
  • A REST exporter that allows access to DA items, reading and writing
  • An IDE based configuration system
    • With a structured editor for the Eclipse IDE
    • Deployments for Redhat (rpm), Debian/Ubuntu (deb) and Windows (MSI)
    • Server launchers to test the output locally
  • Added some debug and analysis tools
  • Change the build system to Maven Tycho
    • Provide RPM, DEB and MSI files
    • Sign packages and MSI files
    • Provide Maven 2 repositories
Java 8
Some components of Eclipse SCADA 0.1.x are not compatible with Java 8. Mostly due to changes in the JavaScript engine Nashorn. It is recommended to use Java 7 for Eclipse SCADA 0.1.x. Eclipse SCADA 0.2 will bring support for Java 8

Maintenance releases

The following section lists the maintenance releases for 0.1.0. Each section contains the changes to its predecessor.


  • Fix configuration parsing issue with the dave driver
  • Add VI editors to their feature so they get installed by the marketplace


  • Fix some issues with deployments in Suse Linux

Changes during the release cycle

Changes since RC1

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix script engine bug 433409 for Java 8 and other non-hotspot/non-openjdk based VMs
    • Fix RPM dependencies for Suse

Changes since M4

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix some dependency issues with the .deb files
    • Fix the file/uri mixup
    • Add a way to reduce the path length during the MSI deployment on windows to reduce the file name. Windows/MSI has problems with file names longer than 250 characters

Changes since M3

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a connection edit bug that causes the service id to be deleted
  • Modifications
    • Changed backend of preferences/registry based connection store to use single nodes. Old entries are not migrated at the moment.
  • Additions

Changes since M2

  • Bug fixes
  • Modifications
    • Refactored several models in IDE
  • Additions
    • Added the HD spy
    • Added DA item console

Changes since M1

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