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The Eclipse SCADA ICMP Check tool is a small command line application which performs a periodical ICMP Echo/Echo Reply check including calculating a round-trip-time.

This tool is not a Java application but a compiled C/C++ application which requires root permissions (SUID bit). Therefore the build process is a bit different than all the other packages. Also is this application specific to Unix-oid/Linux operation systems.

Ubuntu Launchpad

The easiest way to obtain a pre-compiled package is download it from Ubuntu's launchpad from the Eclipse SCADA PPA.

Add the PPA using the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eclipsescada/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Afterwards you can install the package using:

sudo apt-get install eclipse-scada-ping

You can also navigate to and download the packages manually.

Compile yourself

You can also get the source code from git[1] and build it yourself:

git clone git://
cd org.eclipse.scada.base.check.icmp
sudo make install

The result will be "eclipse_scada_ping" installed to "/usr/local/bin".

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