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The BeagleBoneBlack comes in two flavors. One with Angstrom Linux, and the newer ones with Debian 7[1]. This operating system is installed on the internal flash memory. However it is possible to replace Angstrom with Debian by upgrading the flash memory.

Eclipse SCADA was only tested on the BeagleBone Black with Debian 7.

Beside installing the operating system, if necessary, the installation of Eclipse SCADA pretty much follows EclipseSCADA/Installation/Ubuntu.


Download the eMMC flasher from: -> BeagleBone Black (eMMC flasher) for Debian. Write the image to an SD card (not copy the file, write the image!), put the SD card into the BeagleBone and boot from the SD card.

If you need help, please use your favorite search engine. Maybe the following links are of help too:


First you need to install Debian Wheezy if not already done.

In order to make room for Eclipse SCADA uninstall the following packages:

dpkg --purge nodejs
dpkg --purge x11-common desktop-base

Add repositories

Follow the instructions on EclipseSCADA/Installation/Ubuntu.

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