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This document explains the Eclipse SCADA demosystem.

Quick start

Download the "Eclipse SCADA Admin Client" ( Start the application and create a new connection to: "da:ngp://".

Press the right mouse on the node "User Preferences" and select "Add Connection…" from the context menu.

EclipseSCADA Demo QS 01.png

Enter the URL into the field and press "Finish".

EclipseSCADA Demo QS 02.png

Double click on the connection node or use the content menu to "Connect" to the server. The username and password are "guest" / "guest12". Browse through the tree and add the "LUX" item to the realtime list by drag and drop.

EclipseSCADA Demo QS 03.png


The setup involves four nodes:
The main server hosting the middleware and the value archive
A second main server hosting the middleware and the value archive. A clone of ""
The server hosting the arduino driver
The arduino board itself with the Ethernet shield

'' and '' connect to 'ostest1' using the DA/NGP protocol. The connection is an IPv6 TCP connection.

The arduino driver itself connects to the arduino ethernet shield and polls the data from the board. Since the polling is quite fast, the arduino driver is actually located beside the arduino board in our office, while the '' server is hosted by an ISP "in the cloud".

Demo Client

There is a custom client application for this setup. It can be downloaded at:

This is a normal Eclipse RCP application which has to be downloaded and unpacked.

Log in by pressing CTRL+L or the green button in the status bar. Select the context you want to log on (e.g. "").

Chart Details More elements in the main view Details with video feed


The following interfaces are possible at the moment for you to try out. Not all interfaces that are supported by Eclipse SCADA are available on the demo system. But we are working on it.

Eclipse SCADA protocol

This is the demo server hosted at the Eclipse Foundation:

URI da:ngp://
Username guest
Password guest12

The following items can be subscribed:

Item Name Description What to expect
ES.DEMO.ARDUINO001.LIGHT.V Value of the light sensor A floating point value that represents the value of the light sensor. Somewhere between 0 - 1024. Frequently changing, about every 250ms
ES.DEMO.ARDUINO001.TEMPERATURE.V The temperature in °C The current room temperature
ES.DEMO.ARDUINO001.HUMIDITY.V The humidity The current humidity
Other items
Actually there are a lot more items to check out. However the list is the items intended for interfaces with others

Modbus TCP

The server also acts as a Modbus TCP Slave:

TCP Port 1502
Slave ID 1


The following holding registers can be read using function code 3:

Register # Source Item Type Description Extras
1 INT64 Unix Timestamp (milliseconds, UTC)
5 UINT16 Value Scaled by 10.0
7 INT64 Unix Timestamp (milliseconds, UTC)
11 DOUBLE Value

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