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{Note|Bundles required|All configuration objects require factories provided by bundles. Ensure that the require bundles are also started}}

CA Main Bundles

All recipes require the following bundles to be started:


And one of the following: 

Create a persistent item

Create an item which you holds the information that you write on it. The value is persisted during restarts.

Required bundles

  • org.eclipse.scada.da.datasource.ds
  • org.eclipse.scada.da.datasource.item


ca:create org.eclipse.scada.da.datasource.ds ds.item1
ca:create master.item master.item1
ca:create da.dataitem.datasource item1


Connect with ESAC and look up your items.

Dummy authentication

A dummy authorization scheme can be configured using the following recipe.

Required bundles

Ensure that the following bundles are started:

  • org.eclipse.equinox.ds
  • org.eclipse.scada.sec.osgi.manager
  • org.eclipse.scada.sec.auth.logon
  • org.eclipse.scada.sec.audit.log.slf4j
  • org.eclipse.scada.sec.authn.osgi.cfg.priority
  • org.eclipse.scada.sec.provider.script


Issue the following command on the OSGi console:

ca:create org.eclipse.scada.sec.osgi.manager allowAll serviceType=script priority=100000 "properties.script=true;"

This will create an authorization rule that will simply allow all actions.

The output should be something like this:

Completed - create - org.eclipse.scada.sec.osgi.manager/allowAll:
[org.eclipse.scada.sec.osgi.manager/allowAll]={properties.script=true;, priority=100000, serviceType=script}


In addition you can check if the rule is active by issuing the following command:


Which should show:

ID        Priority  ServiceType  Realized  TypeFilter  IdFilter  ActionFilter  Error  
allowAll  100000    script       X                                                    

Important is that the column "realized" is marked with an X.

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