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This is a page about the IEC 60870-5-105 implementation in Eclipse NeoSCADA.

NeoSCADA provides a client and server implementation of 60870 in Java, which can also be used outside the NeoSCADA platform. It is based on Netty 4 and using a modular design. It does implement the core protocol layers and, based on top of those, some functionality for implementing either a 60870 client for accessing another 60870 based device, or a data model which can be exposed using the 60870 server implementation. If additional message types are required, then can be added using the modular system.

The implementation support various message types, spontaneous data transmission and background transmission.

The source code is located in the Eclipse NeoSCADA git repository:

Binaries will be available on Maven Central one the NeoSCADA 0.4.0 release is available.

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