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As of the 2.5.0 release, EclipseLink is available on Maven Central. In addition, the EclipseLink project hosts its nightly, milestone, and release builds on Sonatype. As of the 2.5.1 patch set (September 2013), builds will no longer be published to the Maven repository.

If you have any questions about using it, or experience problems, please let us know on our users mailing list or forum.

Configuring your pom.xml

To help users diagnose Maven issues, we have created a basic POM that simply establishes EclipseLink dependencies (currenly using the 2.5.0 release). Executing it will verify your connection to the repository. Alternate Repository URLs are discussed. The POM can be found [here].


Prior to the 2.5.0 release, you will need to specify the EclipseLink repository (in a <repositories> block) wthin your pom.xml. In addition, SNAPSHOT and Milestone builds would need a repository entry. 2.4.2 and Later

The EclipseLink project has switched to publishing its builds through jakarta.oss.sonatype org during the 2.4.2/2.5.0 development. The staging repo will provide access to SNAPSHOT and named milestone and release candidate builds. To access these use:

	<name>Jakarta OSS Sonatype Staging</name>

When the 2.4.2 and above releases are finalized they will be published to Maven Central where no additional repository configuration will be required.

Custom Repo: 2.4 and Earlier

Builds prior to EclipseLink 2.4.2 are available at:



The artifacts can then be added to you pom as follows.


The following are the primary artifacts though artifacts do vary by release. 2.4.2 and newer artifacts can be browsed from the Maven Central or Sonatype OSS links above. While predominantly the same, artifacts in older releases and their descriptions are listed below.

Artifact Id Description
eclipselink The full eclipselink.jar (non-OSGi) including the full capabilities of all of the following artifact bundles and fragments.
org.eclipse.persistence.jpa EclipseLink JPA (OSGi bundle): Use this artifact if you only want EclipseLink's JPA capabilities for relational databases. If accessing an Oracle database then you will also want the artifact.
org.eclipse.persistence.moxy EclipseLink MOXy (OSGi bundle): Use this artifact if you only want EclipseLink's Object-XML binding and JAXB implementation. This also includes JSON binding support.
org.eclipse.persistence.nosql EclipseLink NoSQL (OSGi fragment): Provides NoSQL support extending org.eclipse.persistence.core. EclipseLink JPA for Oracle (OSGi fragment): Extended Oracle database capabilities extending the core bundle with specific Oracle JDBC dependencies. EclipseLink NoSQL for Oracle (OSGI fragment): Oracle specific NoSQL support extending core bundle.
org.eclipse.persistence.dbws EclipseLink DBWS OSGI bundle
org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.modelgen EclipseLink Modelgen pre-processor (non-OSGI) (pre-2.5.0)
org.eclipse.persistence.osgi (pre-2.5.0 only)
org.eclipse.persistence.sdo EclipseLink SDO OSGI bundle
org.eclipse.persistence.equinox EclipseLink JPA Equinox OSGi Fragment (pre-2.5.0 only)
org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.modelgen.processor EclipseLink JPA Modelgen Processor (non-OSGi) (pre-2.5.0: Meta-data only. 2.5.0+: single jar contains both classes and meta-data)
org.eclipse.persistence.oracleddlparser Oracle DB model - OSGi bundle
org.eclipse.persistence.weaving EclipseLink JPA - "Weaving for Equinox" OSGi Fragment (pre-2.5.0 only)


For the available EclipseLink release versions please refer to Maven Central or Sonatype OSS. For access to nightly or milestone builds please see Sonatype OSS.

Sample pom.xml (Staging)

The following pom.xml illustrates access the EclipseLink 3.0.0-RC1 from our staging repository.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
			<name>Jakarta OSS Sonatype Staging</name>

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