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JAXB 2.0

Currently EclipseLink supports Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) targeting the 2.0 specification. While the JAXB implementation within EclipseLink will not be fully compliant with the JAXB 2.1 specification in the 1.0 release it offers many of the core features, advanced features beyond the specification, and can address compliance through its inclusion of the reference implementation when needed.

Mapping Metadata

  • Majority of annotations
  • Generation of mapped domain model from XSD (Using JAXB RI's XJC)

Programmer's Interface

Extended Functionality

  • Externalize object-XML mapping using EclipseLink's Native XML configuration file
    • Path
    • Position
    • Inheritance
    • Transformations
    • Map support
    • Converter support for customer/extended types
  • Note: Support for all features of ClassDescriptor (TODO: Add link)
  • Pluggable parser support
  • Visual Mapping Workbench utility

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