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This page discusses the PROPOSED approach to developing examples showing the usage of EclipseLink. These examples will be packaged and made available to customers through EclipseLink/Examples. Examples should also be linked to/from the User's Guide.


  • Where should these examples be located within SVN?
  • How do we ensure they are maintained and not broken by ongoing development?
  • How do we related the version of these examples with the packaged version? When do we update them?
  • How can a user report an issue with an example?

Examples in SVN



  • Some amount of minimal test cases required?
  • tests must automated
  • test must run in an overall test harness
  • when do we run this test harness?


Standard packaging of examples for consistency?


Where are packaged/versioned examples made available?

Links from wiki example?

When do we update examples?

User Feedback


Request new examples?

Contribute and example?

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