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EclipseLink JPA User's Guide

As a result of community input during the Ottawa EclipseLink summit, the JPA User's Guide will remain in wiki format.

The new, 2.0.2 (in progress) docs:


The EclipseLink JPA User's Guide is being developed within the EclipseLink SVN repository @


To edit the content XML files in OTN XSLT transforms are required. These DocBook transforms are available from

To create a new chapter or section of the ELUG documentation, use the DocBookTemplate, available from

Table of Contents

Elug warning icon.png

Warning: This table of contents is out of date. Please refer to the EclipseLink JPA User's Guide for current documentation.

The following is the proposed TOC which is currently under development. Where applicable, show where existing ELUG wiki pages can be mined for initial content.

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