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The following are the test results for SymfowarePlatform.

Test Results (February 26/2010)

  • EclipseLink 2.1.0 Nightly 20100225
  • DB: Symfoware Server V10
  • JDBC driver: Symfoware JDBC 4 driver (RDB2_TCP)
  • JDK: Fujitsu JDK6
  • OS: Windows 2003SE and XP
Test Name Tests Failures Errors
Core SRG 691 0 0
JPA SRG 195 0 0
Core LRG 11496 0 0
JPA LRG 1837 2 0
Server LRG (GlassFish v3) - - -

Test results equivalent to previous run

  • Two failures in JPA LRG/FR where Query#setFirstResult and setMaxResults don't seem to work well. (complexResultPropertiesTest and complexNamedQueryResultPropertiesTest). Needs further investigation.
  • Occasionally a few tests in JPA LRG/FR have errors due to the DDL for a unique key's column not having 'NOT NULL' even though the attribute is set. (See bug 304557).

Additional Configuration

  • Core LRG tests are run on 64bit OS with ANT_OPTS=-Xmx3000m and max.heap.memory=3500m to prevent OOM errors while generating JUnit report (not carefully tuned so might work with less).
  • JPA LRG tests are run on 32bit OS with max.heap.memory=1300m to prevent OOM errors while generating JUnit report (not carefully tuned so might work with less).

Test Configuration Notes

  • Install Symfoware Server Client on the machine that EclipseLink is installed on.
  • For the JPA and Foundation Test Suites, update the respective files with your JDBC connection settings.

For example:

jdbc.driver.jar=c:/SFWCLNT/JDBC/fjjdbc/lib/fjsymjdbc4.jar db.url=jdbc:symford://symfodb:56005/TESTDB;codeselect=OS db.user=symfouser db.pwd=symfopwd db.platform=org.eclipse.persistence.platform.database.SymfowarePlatform db.platform.jvmargs=-Declipselink.test.toggle-fast-table-creator=true

Note the following:

Should include the path to the JDBC driver libraries. Refer to the Symfoware Server Client manual for details, and use the correct driver for your JDK version.
Should include the path to the Symfoware Platform class.
The platform name is org.eclipse.persistence.platform.database.SymfowarePlatform.
'codeselect=OS' is added to prevent Japanese messages from the database from being completely garbled when received on the client (required because I use a Japanese DB on Linux and the client is on English Windows).
This JVM argument is read by EclipseLink's test suite. It will prevent tests that reuse tables to try to drop and recreate tables (as this can lead to table lock errors if the original connection is still open). Instead, it will force them to just delete the rows in the tables.
  • Also, include the JDBC driver native libraries in your PATH (Windows) or LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Unix).

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