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Who's using EclipseLink?

The goal of this page is to capture what open source projects and commercial products use or support EclipseLink. All are encouraged to add a section on their project to this page. Feel free to do a little self-promotion and provide a few sentences to explain what your project does along with a link so interested parties can find it.

Eclipse Eco-System Projects

Swordfish SOA Runtime Framework Project

Swordfish is using EclipseLink SDO and JPA as infrastructure for SOA applications.


Teneo provides persistence for Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) models. Teneo provides support for JPA persistence with EclipseLink.

Dali Java Persistence Tools Project

Dali provides tools for building JPA applications. It supports generic JPA development but also provides EclipseLink configuration, mapping, and validation support for advance JPA.

Open Source Projects


EclipseLink, the JPA 2.0 reference implementation, is a critical component of the Java EE 6 reference implementation 'GlassFish' application server.


The full Spring distribution includes EclipseLink for relational persistence with JPA and WebService development with MOXy.

Commercial Products

Oracle TopLink and Oracle WebLogic

The EclipseLink project was founded with the contribution of the full Oracle TopLink source code and from that point on Oracle has been shipping EclipseLink as part of it's Oracle TopLink product. TopLink (and therefore EclipseLink) is a critical component of the WebLogic Java EE application server stack providing a Java Persistence API implementation.

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