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EclipseCon Program Committee

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The Program Committee

Like EclipseCon 07, we are structuring the program into technical tracks, with a lead for each track. This structure allows each lead to focus on recruiting the best possible talks for their track and ensures that leads concentrate on reviewing submitted material in their knowledge space.

Track Leads Responsibility

The track leads for EclipseCon 2008 have agreed to a time commitment to complete the following tasks. The commitment includes:

  • Brainstorming conference improvements.
  • Actively recruiting topics and speakers early, rather than waiting for submissions to come in.
  • Reviewing submissions on a weekly basis to ensure that misfiled talks are routed to the right track lead early.
  • Actively participating in the Program Committee email list.
  • Attending a monthly program committee call.
  • Assisting in scheduling talks by specifying an ordering to the talks in your track.
  • Meeting the program deadlines that the Program Committee collectively lays out.

Track Structure

The proposed track structure is shown below. Where multiple people are listed for a track, the first person is the lead, and the others are suggested members of the track subgroup at the lead’ discretion.

Track Leads Members
Business Donald Smith
C/C++ Doug Schaefer
Data Tooling John Graham
Director's Choice Mike Milinkovich
Emerging Technology Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Industry Donald Smith
Java Philippe Mulet
Mobile/Embedded Doug Gaff
Modeling Ed Merks Richard Gronback
Committer and Contributor Darin Swanson
OSGi Peter Kriens
Other (formerly Mashups) Scott Rosenbaum Chris Aniszczyk, Doug Gaff
Platform (formerly Fundamentals) Chris Aniszczyk Jeff McAffer, Doug Gaff
RCP Todd Creasey Chris Aniszczyk, Jeff McAffer
Reporting Scott Rosenbaum
SOA Oisin Hurley
Test & Performance Valentina Popescu
Tools Mik Kersten Doug Schaefer, John Duimovich
Web Tools David Williams

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