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EclipseCon Exercise 2010

Continuing in the tradition that Darin Swanson started at earlier EclipseCons, there will be organized runs at the 2010 edition.

Why run at EclipseCon?

  • You have the opportunity to meet members of the community and get to know them better
  • You'll be wide awake and ready to focus on the outstanding talks EclipseCon has to offer
  • Burn off some calories from late nights in the Hyatt bar
  • Get out of the building and breathe in some nice crisp clean air
  • For those of us from a cold climate, no running in the snow for a week.  Can't beat that!

We will be meeting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency at 7am every morning for an early morning run. Here's a map for a possible run. Had a suggestion to run in the opposite direction than the map, towards the 101 to accommodate attendees staying at hotels other than the Hyatt so as not to miss early morning sessions. Sounds good.


  • Kim Moir
  • Elias Volanakis
  • Chris Aniszczyk

If you are interested in helping organize EclipseCon exercise,  please add yourself to the list :-)

Please sign up here for the days you are interested participating. Don't be shy! There will be runners of all abilities. Running makes great conversation.

  1. Kim Moir, Mon-Thur
  2. Elias Volanakis, Mon-Thur
  3. Chris Aniszczyk, Mon-Thur
  4. Ian Bull begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Mon-Thur
  5. Lynn Gayowski, Mon-Thur (I'll probably make 2/4 though - blame the Hyatt lobby bar!)
  6. Patrick Paulin, Mon-Thurs (what Lynn said)
  7. Charles Souillard & Mickael Istria, every day when our schedule permits
  8. Olivier Thomann, never run before. Never too late to start, right? (every day when my schedule permits)
  9. Michael Schneider, every day when my schedule permits
  10. Michael Pellaton, Mon-Thur
  11. Philippe Marschall, Mon-Thur
  12. Deepak Azad, All days
  13. Brad Beck, Mon-Thur
  14. Marcelo Paternostro, yet another newbie here ;-) Mon-Thur when my schedule permits.
  15. Tonny Madsen, Mon-Thur
  16. Oisín Hurley, whenever I feel like it and my foot isn't too sore.
  17. Janet Campbell, Tues - Thurs
  18. Jean-Michel Lemieux - Tues - Thurs
  19. Bogdan Gheorghe, Mon-Thur
  20. Tom Schindl, Hopefully at least one day
  21. Moritz Eysholdt, When jetlag makes me a morning person
  22. Anna Dushistova, Mon-Thurs
  23. Ibrahim Sallam, Tue-Thur (might make it on Monday as well ;-)
  24. Andreas Bjoru, Mon-Thurs
  25. Claus Hoestrup, Mon-Thur
  26. Steen Brahe, Mon-Thur
  27. David Green, Mon-Thur
  28. Peter Friese, Mon-Thur
  29. Benjamin Muskalla, depending on the corona consumption at the bar.
  30. Rick Schultz, At least one mornin I'll try to keep up.
  31. Bill Muldoon, Mon-Tues (some people will do anything for a t-shirt)
  32. Jesper Eskilson, Mon-Thur
  33. Daniel Coupal, ~2 days that I don't care about skipping the early presentations
  34. Tom Watson, Mon-Thur

EclipseSource will be sponsoring this event and providing Eclipsecon exercise shirts for the first 30 participants. The Eclipse Foundation has generously offered to donate some Eclipse swag and running items for this event. There will be a different prize awarded each day.  Motivated yet?   I've suggested some prize categories. Please feel free to update them with your ideas.

  • Runner farthest away from home
  • Oldest running or conference shirt worn during EclipseCon Exercise ie. JavaOne 2005 shirt
  • Most colourful running outfit
  • Jazziest shoes
  • Most flexible
  • Slowest runner named Lynn (Lynn's suggestion)
  • Fastest current EclipseCon Program Chair

At the beginning of March, I'll run a poll so the community can vote on the prize categories.

Questions?  Contact me by email, IRC (nick is k2moir) in #eclipse-dev, or twitter .

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