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EclipseCon Europe 2014 Presentation

This page provides additional resources for our presentation at EclipseCon Europe 2014: Take a Look at This: Visualizations for Simulation Results in Eclipse.

The slides for this presentation can be downloaded here.


The efficient analysis of large amounts of quantitative data poses a considerable challenge in any field of study. This challenge is magnified in high performance computing (HPC) when simulations can generate petabytes of output results, leading to almost certain information overload. The inefficiencies of studying this data can be better addressed, for novice users and domain experts alike, through the use of effective visualizations. By displaying information in an engaging and easier to understand format, data visualizations provide users with a manageable means for understanding simulation results.

In this talk, I will present the visualization tools that we have developed as part of the NEAMS Integrated Computational Environment (NiCE), an Eclipse RCP application, to visualize results from several common file formats. Specifically, we will demonstrate the new tools available in NiCE to connect to VisIt, a large visualization toolkit that runs on supercomputers to render simulation results with over six trillion elements. We will show how to use VisIt from NiCE locally, as a remote service, and through an SSH connection. We will also demonstrate the different types of plots and charts available and briefly describe what types of data formats work with this system.

Attendees can expect to leave this presentation with an understanding of the software ecosystem and architecture we have implemented to integrate these 2D and 3D visualization tools into the Eclipse Platform. Audience members should anticipate leaving this talk with the necessary understanding to use our tools to analyze data in their own work and, hopefully, a motivation to contribute to the expansion and refinement of this technology.

Additional Resources

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