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The Maturity Assessment process had a slot at the EclipseCon Europe Unconference, on Monday 27th of October 2014.

The slides can be downloaded from SpeakerDeck:

Slides for the Quality Day talk have been uploaded to the EclipseCon web site.


Both sessions gathered around 20 (different) people each. They generally showed a deep interest for this work.

Here is a summary of the feedback.

  • There is a new tool in Eclipse for licence checking in products. Can it be used?
  • Security may be added to the product quality characteristics.
  • Reviews are very important for the maturity of components, and should be added (both metrics and quality attributes).
  • There should be a ecosystem attribute for documentation (for now documentation is only checked at the product level). It could be assessed through accessibility, quality, completeness, frequency of updates.
  • There should be a "embed snippet in your web site" code so projects can show off their rating.
  • Visualisation could be improved by adding colours for the scales.
  • The marketplace should be accessed through a REST API.

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