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ETrice/Development/Tasks And Tools

From a mail from Wayne:

The Downloads Report compares the contents of your project's download directory with the CQ record. It lists JAR files that we cannot map to a CQ in red; if you click the entry, it will show you where the file was found. The tool does its work based on the file name, and so it does--at least for some projects--mis-identify some JARs. It currently does a pretty bad job on JAR files embedded inside bundles, for example (like Ant). If the bundle JAR follows standard naming conventions, however, it should be able to identify a CQ. If its not properly mapping, let me know and I'll help you sort out the problem (very often, it's a matter of a missing mapping).

Note that the Downloads Report shows the results of a batch process. Changes are not immediately reflected. I can re-run the batch script if required.

The Contribution Report scans Bugzilla for potential contributions that should be included in an IP Log. Near the top of the page is a list of recommendations that may help you sort out things that perhaps should be flagged iplog+ to be included in the log. The tool doesn't know what's actually been committed, so human intervention is required.

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