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Details about eTrice Release Engineering


For your local Eclipse installation install Buckminster from the Buckminster update site

In the Install wizard check

  • core
  • Git support
  • PDE support

Eclipse license feature

The license feature uses the Git repository

In the 3 feature.xml files currently we specified


This has to be replaced with the exact new version in case of an update.

Hudson Configuration


cron Job

Note: not used any more

The Hudson build in a last step is copying the last successful build to a directory /opt/public/jobs/mdt-etrice-nightly/workspace/last_success.

A cron job is copying this to the eTrice download area. The job can be viewed using the command crontab -l. The job can be edited with crontab -e.

The lines contained in the job are

# Daily N builds
45 12 * * * /opt/public/common/apache-ant-1.7.1/bin/ant -f /opt/public/jobs/mdt-etrice-nightly/workspace/etrice_local_repo/releng/org.eclipse.etrice.releng/buckminster.ant promote.sites > ~/promotion_logs/mdt-etrice-nightly-promotion.log

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