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Release Check List

Release Time Line

  • week -3
    • retrieve all project dependencies using Maven: mvn dependency:tree > dependency_tree.txt. There is a manually triggered Jenkins job for this purpose.
    • download the job's complete log and execute in a bash: grep -E "\+\-|\\\\-" log.txt | grep -v "org.eclipse" | sed -e 's/\\-/\+\-/g' | sort -u
    • manually check for missing CQs
    • create new (most often piggy back) CQs using the PMI
    • submit IP logfor approval (this is necessary only once per year with a full review)
  • week -2
    • prepare review documentation
      • you have to log on as a committer
      • then go to the release review page
      • press Edit
      • and change to the Review Documentation tab
    • this is necessary only once per year with a full review
  • week -0
    • check whether the version in /org.eclipse.etrice.doc/online-doc/config/_master.json is still appropriate
    • iterate
    • final Test of Release Candidate
    • tag the release and start a build
    • edit the eTrice web page (available from Git)
      • create an entry in the archived releases section of /etrice/downloads/_index.html
      • add the release to /etrice/downloads/_index.html
      • remove the old contents of /etrice/documentation/release up to index.php
      • copy the current HTML contents including images to this doc folder
    • push the eTrice web site
    • check the availability of the documentation
    • adjust the release date of the current release
    • announce the release on etrice-dev and eTrice Forum
    • check web site contents (look for comments with ReleaseCheck)
      • index: marketplace, current Eclipse Installation
      • download: check the links, check versions, current release (first heading), market place
    • update eTrice market place
    • update (download link)

Other Resources of Information

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