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Handling Contributions

Sources of information



  • create a new clone from the eclipse etrice repository for this purpose to avoid interfering changes
  • create a new workspace with this contents
  • apply the proposed patch using Team > Apply Patch... Make sure to "Apply the patch to the workspace root" and set "Ignore leading path name segments" to 2
  • review the patch in the dialog by double clicking file by file and scanning the differences
  • verify the patch
  • flag the attachment (not the bug!) with iplog+
  • Commit the patch setting the contributor as author and the bug URL in the comment
    • example: git commit -a --author="Firstname Name <>" -m"applied patch for a really nice feature:"
  • Close the bug with a comment mentioning the Git commit (use URL, e.g.
  • Verify the bug being mentioned correctly in the project's IP log (make sure iplog is flagged on the attachment and the bug is closed)



The following Bash command can be used to search missing about.html files (thanks to the MoDisco Wiki pages):

 $ find org.eclipse.mdt.modisco* -name \! -exec grep -sq about.html {} \; -type f -print 23:20, 23 February 2011 (UTC)

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