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Building the eTrice Documentation

Soon to be deleted

  • ant script automatically downloads dependencies
  • general documentation overhaul in progress

Recommended Tools for Editing

It is recommended to use Texmaker for editing. Once it is installed a double click on etrice-doc.tex will open it in the Texmaker editor.

Then in Texmaker with etrice-doc.tex in the editor choose Options > make current file the master. This tells Texmaker that this document is the main entry point.

It is convenient to check 'list of opened files' in the view menu.

It is possible to navigate to included files in the structure view.

By default the internal PDF viewer is integrated into the main window. We recommend to have it in an extra window by selecting Options > configure Texmaker > Tex commands. In the section PDF Viewer choose 'Internal Viewer' and uncheck 'integrate into main window'.

With F6 PDFLatex is launched, F7 jumps to the viewer. F1 does both in one step (fast translation). In the source editor ctrl+space jumps to the edit location in the viewer. In the viewer ctrl+click locates the cursor at the edit position (sometimes it is necessary to change to the editor window manually).

Build Process

The eTrice documentation is LaTex based. The sources are contained in the doc folder. The main document is etrice-doc.tex. All documents included therein will constitute the contents of the documentation.

The Ant script build.xml builds from the Tex sources

  • a PDF manual
  • HTML pages
  • the Eclipse help table of contents

Prerequisites of the build are

  • a MikTex installation which can be obtained from the MikTex web site
    • make sure that the htlatex binary is found on the path (it is located in %MIKTEX_HOME%\miktex\bin)
  • a LaTex Ant task which can be obtained from the Java2s web page
  • the Xslt engine saxon9he as a Jar archive available from the Saxon download page

Note: You may have to adapt the path in build.xml

<pathelement path="C:/Program Files/Saxonica/SaxonHE9.4N/lib/saxon9he.jar" />

to your situation.

Note: The LaTex Ant task can be defined also directly inside Eclipse: Preferences > Ant > Runtime > Tasks. Before doing so you will have to add the classpath to the ant_latex jar in the corresponding tab (under Global Entries).
The alternative is to also adjust the path in

<pathelement path="D:/setup/applications/software_engineering/apache/ant/extensions/ant_latex/ant_latex_0.0.9_1.jar" />

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