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ERCP 06-Sept-2007

eRCP 1.2 requirements meeting


Aleksi Uotila, Mark Rogalski, Uriel Liu, Gorkem Ercan


  • Arrange another meeting for discussing eSWT related requirements
  • Align eRCP milestone releases with every other release of the Eclipse platform
  • Remove Improve quality theme from the eRCP 1.2 plan because it creates wrong impression about the project
  • Enhancing the mobile extensions package is a topic for the next meeting
    • Memory requirements is a concern when introducing new features
    • MultipageDialog has problems with the memory because it creates all tabs before they are displayed
  • Using MultipageDialog for preferences dialog is causing usability problems in some platforms it should be redesigned
  • Platform team should be given feedback for the number of files and its impact on mobile
  • eUpdate should closely follow the changes happening to eclipse platform update
  • Desktop SWT changes should be considered for the next meeting
    • Link can complement eSWT's Hyperlink
  • MIDP3 competitiveness is in the agenda for the next meeting

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