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ERCP/releaseNotes/eRCP on Qt Release Notes

Release notes for eRCP for Linux Qt

Release 9 Oct 2009

  • [new feature] Switched to SDK builds, sources are packed as part of the distribution package as well.
  • [bugfix] Second level Shells now use QDialog instead of QWidget
  • [bugfix] More robust QObject deletion, delete events are used more sparingly
  • [bugfix] Fix for crash on Image and ListBox (290878)
  • [bugfix] Improved the CaptionedControl size calculations
  • [bugfix] Display.setAppName is implemented (289973)
  • [bugfix] GC resources are shared for paint event for improved performance
  • [bugfix] GC.copyArea is fixed.
  • [bugfix] prevent key event delivery to parents(290787)
  • [bugfix] setColor performance improvement (289696)

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