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EPP/MPC/Provider Guide

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This guide provides information for providers of marketplace instances that are called by the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC).

End-User URLs for solutions

In order to help solution vendors to facilitating installation of their solution, there are three ways for the MPC user to install a solution.

  • Inside MPC: Select a marketplace and search for the solution, click Install
  • DnD a MPC-enriched hyperlink into the running Eclipse instance
  • Navigate to a MPC-enriched hyperlink with the Eclipse-internal browser

For the last two solutions, the marketplace needs to put a link on the web presentation of their solution that contains the necessary information for MPC. Here is an example for such a link:

<a href="">Simple Install Link</a>

To improve the user expierence, also images can be used to link to the install target:

<a href="">
<img src="misc/mpcInstall.png" />


User are now able to drag and drop this link into their running Eclipse instance to install the defined solution.

Related Tasks

  • 336154: solution vendors can obtain a URL facilitating installation of their solution
  • 336156: user can DnD url from web browser into Eclipse to start MPC install sequence

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