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EPIC Participation Outreach, Recruitment, Survey

EPIC Participation Outreach and Value Survey

Transaction history

  • Meeting July 17, 2006 Eric, Mike Skip generated the first draft of this document


  • Members
  • Non Members
  • Visitors to EPIC
  • Visitors to
  • Producers of Eclipse Technology
  • Consumers of Eclipse technology


  • Members
  • Non-Members
  • Plug-in Providers
  • Managers
  • Developers
  • Information visitors (non developers)

Participation incentives

  • eMail to Members
  • post to news groups
  • Button off main page
  • Button off EPIC page
  • eMailing to EclipseCon participants

Tool to use for Survey

  • Suggestion for using survey module as part of EPIC
  • Use survey monkey tool
  • Explore a question of the day for the and EPIC site

Incentives for audience to respond

  • Make sure “your voice is heard” and is of value
  • We are committed to post summary of results to site
  • We are committed to send complete set of responses to participants
  • Books, plug-ins give away
  • Amazon give away
  • Gadget give away
  • Random select 3 individuals who provide plug-ins so they can be part of

the Plug-In of the day feature.


Preliminary questionnaire Skip July 20
Survey finalized SkipMike T August 1

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