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EPIC Minutes and Transparency Guidelines

This page describes the process and guidelines for minutes and transparency of the EPIC Council. Change suggestions for this page should be sent to Donald Smith.

  • Council Minutes will be recorded on the wiki page located on the EPIC Council Meeting Minutes page.
    • Minutes will contain action items and points of discussion that are not HR or Privacy related.
    • The EPIC Wiki page and minutes will be available to the public and linked from the WIKI navigation pages.
  • phoenix-epic-dev is the mailing list related to EPIC (Information on how to subscribe/view mailing lists can be found here.)
    • phoenix-epic-dev should be subscribed by all EPIC council members plus anyone wishing to monitor the EPIC activities.
    • Archives are viewable online here.
  • Feature suggestions and bugs should be logged in Eclipse' bugzilla.
    • Bugs should be logged in the "Technology - Phoenix" classification and then note the component as "EPIC".

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