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EPIC Council Meeting 06Sep26

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Attendees: Donald, Howard, Nathan, Ian, Maher, Mike T, Skip, Eric

  • Donald reviewed results of EPIC survey
  • Ian motions that the Themes and Priorities as sent Sept 26th
Mike T - Yes
Maher - Yes
Howard - Yes
Donald - Yes
Nathan - Yes
Obstain - Todd/Jochen/Eric
  • Summary - Increase Usability and Increase Member visibility

Proposed that we add a third theme and priority that we add a third theme and priority of adding a services/training component - Unanimous.

  • Increasing traffic and adding Plugins is something that we should all be constantly striving for.

Working Groups:

  • Motion that we find a place to organize specific usability
    • Donald lead, Howard and David Rose on member visibility development plan + Mark Johnson + Eric.
    • Google ads to be part of member visibility
  • Usability lead with Nathan, Ian, Jens Eckle and Eric Clayburg.
  • Integration with -> Mike Taylor, Nathan, Ian leads.

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