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EPIC Council Meeting 06May30

Attendees - Skip McGaughey, Ian Skerrett, Nathan Gervais, Eric von der Heyden, Howard Lewis, Donald Smith, Mike Taylor

Regrets - Maher Masri, Jochen Krause, Todd Williams

Key Areas to focus on

  • Build Traffic (Get more Eyeballs to the page)
    • place banner ads on javalobby and on java
  • Increase the number of plugins listed
  • Determine Metrics for Success
  • Establish publishing guidelines

Development Roadmap

First 3 months should be focused on

  • Bug Fixes
  • Increasing useability
  • setup infrastructure

Longer Term Goals

  • role based segmentation
  • analysis of ratings system
  • introduction of distribution and services
  • members vs non members benefits
  • better integration between EPIC and

Future Meetings

  • Weekly Calls at 11am ET
  • To continue for 60 days from this date. Evaluate again at the end of term.

Action Items (First name is item lead)

  • Skip / Donald - Create a planning document
  • Howard / Skip - Contact and gather 8 or 9 member companies to gather feedback and increase awareness
  • Ian / Eric / Nathan / Howard - Develop complete list of themes and priorites

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