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EPIC Council Meeting 06Jul18

Present: Mike Taylor, Skip McGauhey, Ian Skerrett, Nathan Gervais, Eric von der Heyden, Donald Smith, Maher Masri

Regrets: Jochen Krause, Howard Lewis, Todd Williams.

  • Google ads being researched by Skip/Mike T and will be readdressed on council near Aug 1.
  • Nathan to share design guidelines draft with Maher and Susan Iwai.
  • Ian has sent draft content and participation guidelines for EPIC council to review by July 25 meeting.
  • Communication to board/EMO/members is considered complete and removed from work item list.
  • Donald to post minutes and transparency guide to wiki.
  • Eric has posted on WIKI the public parts of governance document.
  • Skip to kick off member survey questionnaire process with Eric, Donald and Mike T.
  • Team to consider how/if to use EPIC to increase visibility of Eclipse Projects. I.e., "Reach out to projects". Include/interact with other OS projects as we would plugins.
  • Considering KPI for member % listed on EPIC.

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