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EPIC Council Meeting 06Aug08

Present: Mike Taylor, Skip McGauhey, Ian Skerrett, Nathan Gervais, Maher Masri, Jochen Krause

Regrets: Donald Smith, Howard Lewis, Todd Williams, Eric von der Heyden.

  • Publishing Guidelines Work Item Closed
  • Mike Taylor will lead the Survey progress, the council gave Mike T the power to move forward with the survey.
  • Ian has posted some ad copies to the wiki for the banner ad and would like feedback
  • Skip wanted to check with the progress of the EPIC project from the view point of the EPIC founders and the foundation
  • Jochen reports that he thinks EPIC is a success, but thinks we need to focus on bringing more integration between EPIC and
  • Mike T reports that he is happy with the progress, there seeing increased traffic and our alexa rankings are going up
  • Maher reports that he thinks we have come a long way but we need to fix some of the ranking / anonymous posting problems.
  • Ian reports that EPIC has been a great success for the foundation so far but we still need to concentrate on evolving it and raising the number of plugins on the site.
  • Jochen brought up the idea of being able to reset the number of rankings for products that have changed significantly. It was decided this should be part of the ranking discussion that Eric is leading
  • Ian proposed that we have a finalized list of themes and priorities by mid September

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