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EPF Wiki R1.5 Patch

This document describes how to update the first release candidate of 1.5 release ( to the 1.5 release.

If you have any questions about this document or EPF Wiki please use the Eclipse Process Framework Project Developers List

More information on EPW Wiki can be found in

  1. EPF Wiki User Guide
  2. EPF Wiki Development Guide
  3. EPF Wiki Installation Guide


The five steps below describe in detail how the patch is installed.

Download and update EPF Wiki application sources

  1. Download the patch
  2. Place zip file in the EPF Wiki application directory [EPF Wiki App Dir]
  3. Extract the zip replacing all already existing files.

Download and install TinyMCE

The old version of TinyMCE used by R1.5 RC1 is no longer available so R1.5 was updated to support the latest version

  1. Donwload
  2. Extract the contents to temporary location and then copy the folder tinymce\jscripts\tiny_mce to the folder [EPF Wiki App Dir]\public\javascripts\ replacing all already existing files.

Upgrade the database

The patch contains a small database change. Assuming you are using InstantRails you can update the database as follows:

  1. Start the InstantRails Manager (InstantRails.exe) and select I > Rails Applications > Manage Rails Applications.
  2. Click the button Create New Rails App

This should open a command prompt window. Now type the following

set RAILS_ENV=production
rake db:migrate

These commands update the database. An example of the console output is below.

C:\InstantRails2.0\rails_apps\EPFWiki>set RAILS_ENV=production

C:\InstantRails2.0\rails_apps\EPFWiki>rake db:migrate
(in C:/InstantRails2.0/rails_apps/EPFWiki)
== 3 IpAddressOptional: migrating =============================================
-- change_column(:users, :ip_address, :string, {:limit=>20, :null=>true})
   -> 2.4060s
== 3 IpAddressOptional: migrated (2.4060s) ====================================

Restart the webserver

To activate the changes you should restart the webserver. Assuming you are using InstantRails this means:

  1. CTRL-C in the command prompt window for the Mongrel server to end the server process
  2. Start the InstantRails Manager (InstantRails.exe) and select I > Rails Applications > Manage Rails Applications.
  3. Check EPF Wiki and click on the button Start with Mongrel

Update your scheduled jobs

With the previous release you are expected to create four jobs in totaal: for the reporting (daily, weekly, monthly) and for the updating of Wiki sites (job_daily). With this release you are expected to schedule only one job, the daily job that is to run at night or when ever the site is used the least. So you can remove the reporting jobs, these are now part of the job_daily.

Release Notes


249356: Wiki's Updates section does not show correct list of baselines

247781: New upload not visible on home page

249553: Switch off "review complete" checkbox for non-admin users

250364: Creating baseline from zip stores wrong folder name in DB

240279: Cross browser issues EPF Wiki toolbar with FireFox, IE on Windows, Linux

240622: Wiki directory cannot contain dots

242380: Hall of fame not limited to top users

242672: undefined method `folder' for # in

243707: Error executing command tidy

246044: Feedback form does not send email

247422: undefined method `deep_clone' for #

247617: Half shown of upper menu with IE 6.0

247782: No from address in contributions processed notification

249935: IP address should be optional


250046: Provide filter for version and comments lists

247786: 'Manage' in a site should navigate to a new window

249268: Passwords appear in log file

247792: Send reports in job_daily

238010: Allow all admin user to trigger a Wiki update

250232: Do not list the "uploader" of a baseline as a contributor

250147: Title wraps over multiple lines after edit

247616: Password crypted and NOT sent in a email

242141: Support for most recent version of TinyMCE

241630: Mashup support

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