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  • Wayne Parrot, Genuitec
  • Ken Wallis, RIM
  • Jon Dearden, RIM
  • Tim Neil, RIM
  • Ahmad Sadr-Ghayeni, RIM
  • Michael Cacenco, RIM
  • Paul Beusterien, Symbian
  • Tasneem Sayeed, Symbian
  • Eric Hildum, Motorola
  • Christian Kurzke, Motorola
  • Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation and minute taker


  • General consensus that Pulsar should focus on providing tools for mobile widget development (mobile web applications). This is basically defined as support for HTML, CSS and Javascript editing but extended for different mobile platforms. RIM, Symbian, Genuitec express interest and support for this direction.
  • Discuss the importance of having webkit available in Pulsar to make it easier for previews. Genuitec has already tried to open a CQ but it turns out webkit is under LGPL so it cannot be hosted at
  • ACTION ITEM: Need to document the extension points that would be required to support the mobile web developer. It was suggested we start with what we have in MTJ and then expand. The initial list is started here.
  • ACTION ITEM: Need to document what is unique to the mobile web developer or an 'enterprise' web developer, ex code signing. The complete list is here

Next Meeting

November2, 2009 1:00pmET

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