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Proposal for an MADK in the Galileo Timeframe

Currently developers can download packaged "Eclipse based" SDK's from here: Eclipse Downloads

The content of those download packages are created by the "Eclipse Packaging Project"

The goal for the MADK is to create a "Mobile" specific package in cooperation with the EPP.

Currently, the condition for including any Plug-ins or Features into one of those packages is that the code is part of a "Train" project.

Therefore, if we want to create a MADK package as part of EPP, we need to have all code committed within the Galileo Train deadlines (absolute drop dead date: May 8, 2009)

What can we accomplish

Given the short timeline, we need to focus what can be realistically accomplished in this short timeframe. We'll work a "long term" roadmap in parallel.

The highest priority requirement to be met in the Galileo time frame is to have a easy to use, IDE package for developers who want to create Java ME applications (Midlets).

What do we have

Many of the pieces needed for a MADK are already available, and can be used with little or no changes. The key "value add" of the MADK project will be the packaging and "out of box experience".

Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project

The Mobile Tools for Java project provides a complete, easy to use IDE extension for JavaME developers. MTJ is on the Galileo Train.

Vendor SDK's

MTJ has a mechanism to "discover" and use a 3rd party Mobile Java SDK installed on a developers computer. The SDK provides the basic tools (e.g. for pre-verifications) and library classes needed for compiling, packaging and testing mobile Java applications.

SDK's also typically come with a mobile device "Emulator", which allows to test the mobile Java applications on a developer desktop, without the need for a physical device.

There is a variety of open source (GPL and other licenses) and commercial SDK's available.

What do we need

Packaged download

Package of Eclipse + all the dependencies we need for MTJ (JDT, etc).

MADK Discovery&Download agent. The Download Agent should be designed / implemented with the Eclipse Custom Delivery Installer in mind. More detail Here.

ToDo: Analyse and document possible re-use of the Custom Installer

Portal to discover packaged SDKs

One of the critical steps in setting up a Mobile Java Development environment is to locate and download the proper mobile SDKs. To simplify this task, the MADK shall come pre-configured with a "Portal mechanism" to find vendor SDKs.

Those SDK's are linked from an XML formatted list of known 3rd party SDKs. Where licensing allows, we can host the actual SDK on the Eclipse EMIWG sites, but the generic solution is to only provide a link to the vendor download location.

MADK Portal Overview 1.png

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