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Why Join

Like all other Eclipse groups, this working group is conducting its business in an open and transparent manner. Discussions in general happen on the Mailing list or in open phone meetings, documents are accessible through this website. Anyone is welcome to follow and contribute to those discussions in an open-source manner.

For members (individuals or companies) who want to get more involved in setting the strategy and direction of this working, it may be worthwhile to consider "formally" joining the Working Group. This gives a few more privileges like participation in votes etc, but it also requires active and ongoing participation in the group.

More info can be found in the general Eclipse Working Group Process.

How to Join

Please be familiar with the Mobile Industry Working Group Charter.

In order to become an official member of this working group, one has to (obviously) be member of the Eclipse foundation first. There is different levels of membership for individual contributors and commercial entities. Please refer to the Eclipse Membership Process for more details.

The next step is to express formal interest to join this WG by sending a brief email with a request to join to the Mailing List. This is to keep an open and transparent record.

For commercial members (companies), this email has to be sent by the official Member Representative. If you have problems "locating" the member representative of your company, please let us know, we can help you.

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