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Advantages of a "Mobile Tools Portal"

Many developers who start to create applications for Mobile Devices come from the "desktop" development world, where they have few (and mature) Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to create powerful applications on a small number of standard platforms. Eclipse is one of the "De Facto" standard IDEs for Desktop Java Developers.

When looking for comparable tools to create applications for Mobile Tools, developers are often confused by both, the

  • overwhelming number of alternatives and choices
  • lack of documentation and lack of a clear "starting point"

How this Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group can help

Part of the Agenda of this Working Group is to

  • Identify the most urgently needed tools a developer needs to get started
  • Leverage the popularity of Eclipse to give developers a "easy to find" and "easy to use" way to get started
  • Give the suppliers of the tools a common forum to collaborate and market their tools to developers

By doing this, we hope to create a "win-win" situation for Tools Creators and Developers using those tools, stimulating an overall more efficient developer ecosystem and creating more applications for Mobile Devices.

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